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January 2017

Upcoming Exhibition

La Femme Fontaine

Solo Show at Materia Gallery, Rome

Opening on 14th of January 2017






September 2016

Magazine Feature

Portfolio printed in GUP #50
Guide To Unique Photography Magazine





June 2016

Upcoming Exhibition

Identify your limitations, acknowledge the periphery.

Caline Auon, Jennifer Douglas, Justin Eagle, Sean Edwards, Ditte Gantriis, Maria de la O Garrido, Lauren Godfrey, Ludovica Gioscia, Felicity Hammond, Holly Hendry, Karin Hueber, Alix Marie, McGilvary/White, Paul Merrick, Lucia Quevedo, Charlie Godet Thomas, Aethan Wills and Madalina Zaharia.   

VITRINE gallery, Bermondsey Square, London 

June 12 - September 11




June 2016

Upcoming Exhibition


Katja Larsson - Jay Price - Josie Cockram - Nikolai Ishchuk - Cally Shadbolt - Joella Wheatley - Kostas Synodis - David Watkins - Alix Marie  - Silvia Lerin

Clerkenwell Gallery, 20 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1

June 28 - July 10




March 2016

Upcoming Exhibition


Robert Cervera, Katarina Hruskova, Alix Marie

Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London

19th of March - 10th of April 2016

Sunday 10 April  4pm - A---Z video programme featuring Laure Prouvost, Zina Saro-Wiva, Tai Shani and Jordan Wolfson.
Curated by Anne Duffau on the occasion of the exhibition Ichor.






Excerpt from Lucy Soutter's new article Expanded Photography: Persistence of the Photographic for Chinese magazine Photoworld :

"Alix Marie is fascinated by the photographic index—the power of the photograph to provide a direct physical trace of the thing photographed. In Orlando, another sculptural installation, a viewer encounters a huge heap of rock-like lumps, which on close inspection have photographic surfaces that looks fleshy, like some combination of skin, wax, pink marble or meat. Each photographic object is made out of close-up photographic prints of Marie’s boyfriend’s skin, mediated with layers of cracked and melted wax, scanned and reprinted. Marie plays on photography’s ability both to capture surface detail and to provide a precious souvenir of intimate moments. Blown up so much larger than life, Orlando’s skin is kind of creepy, and the piece as a whole has a rather obsessive feeling that reflects our attempt to use photography to hold on on to those we love. Other artists working in a related vein (who, like Marie attended the Royal College of Art) include Darren Harvey-Regen and Jonny Briggs, both of whom play with the notion of photographic trace and the push and pull between reality and representation."

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French photographer Alix Marie‘s images will have you looking more than once, her exploration of the mutated body pushing the bounds of the medium and our comfort level. Beginning with nude images of herself and those closest to her, Marie takes her photographs and transforms them into large-scale installations and sculptures. The bloated proportions and crumpled flesh deflect and divert from the photograph’s origin, resulting in behemoth forms of something not altogether human. Targeting our relationship and unease with our bodies as well as implied undercurrents of femininity, the series presents a naked intimacy both stripped to the bone and deeply impassioned. We asked Marie about her process and where these figures come from.
- Excerpt from Feature Shoot article